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The San Francisco Investigator

One thousand readers subscribed to The San Francisco Investigator newsletter, which came out monthly for two years. The newsletter was widely read by politicians, community activists, media, and normal people. Scoops from the newsletter were picked up by the San Francisco Examiner (pre-sale), San Francisco Chronicle, Daily Journal, Recorder and Los Angeles Business Times.


PDFs of scanned originals. PDF reader required.

  1. Issue 01.01, November 1996 (8 pp, 1 MB)
    “Big Stink at Department of Public Works: Consultants Rip-off City — City Does Not Care”
  2. Issue 04.01, March 1997 (1 p, 132 K)
    “How Graft Works: Ignore the Hype, Follow the Money”
  3. Issue 05.01, April 1997 (1 p, 144 K)
    “In Brown We Trust? June Bonds Could Break City”
  4. Issue 06.01, May 1997 (1p, 140K)
    “Days of Wine and (Harvey) Roses: Real costs of world-class boondoggle”
  5. Issue 03.02, February 1998 (1p, 160K)
    “Kafka Lives! At the Board of Permit Appeals”
  6. Issue 04.02, March 1998 (1p, 148K)
    “Ralph, the Giant Slayer: Garbage Company Meets Nemesis”
  7. Issue 07.02, June 1998 (1p, 156K)
    “Victory: Voters repudiate Brown Machine on June 2”
  8. Issue 09 & 10, Vol. 2 September & October 1998 (4pp, 832K)
    “Twilight Zone of the Bonds: Secrets of the Modern Backroom”

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