Press Criticism

Fish Wrap (09.19)
When newspapers sustain themselves by replacing reporting with advertising, where does the news go?

Chass Cover-up (03.28.07)
Are the mainstream media supporting the Sonoma County Sheriff's Dept. in managing reportage of the shooting death of 16-year-old Jeremiah Chass?

BALCO Sleazoids (02.28.07)
SF Chron and the BALCO scandal: A short primer on grand juries, book deals and poor Barry Bonds.

Daddy Kleinbucks (01.31.07)
Founder of the nonprofit investigative Sunlight Foundation, Michael R. Klein has made some other curious choices.

Morgue News (01.24.07)
Contrasting Isabel Allende's 'Of Love and Shadows' with the reality of atrocity.

In Ford We Trust (01.17.07)
While the mainstream media fell all over itself to lionize the late president, the real news went unreported.

News: RIP (12.27.06)
Thoughts on why the daily newspaper is staggering through the rounds.

Wired World (11.12.06)
Turning away from our hypnotic telescreens to learn empathy.

Tune in, Please (03.01.06)
A signal buried in the cacophony: The “war on terror” is purely a war of pillage made possible by the science of public relations and information theory.

Me for Sale (06.15.05)
The columnist is for sale, cheap.

Political Porn (06.08.05)
Byrne exposes both Deep Throat and Woodstein.

Cable Fist (04.27.05)
Downcast over Comcast: How the monopoly retards progress.

Sawdust Arnie(11.03.04)
National security, and how the press of two different eras — Italy under Mussolini, and California under Schwarzenegger — has maintained a characteristic obsequiousness.