The Arnold Files

Byrne's collected reports on California's Governor Schwarzenegger.

The Truth about Arnold (Feb. 15, 2005)
The movie star poses as a corruption-fighting moderate. But since taking office, he's pursued a blatantly right-wing agenda while raking in big bucks from special interests — and ignoring his own financial conflicts.

The Byrne Report

Bobble the Vote (Nov. 2, 2005)
Having trouble figuring out how to vote in next Tuesday's election? Talk to the head.

Chasing Arnie (Oct 5, 2005)
Tagging along with union protesters as they wait for Schwarzenegger in Alexander Valley.

Frontier Folly (Aug. 17, 2005)
Just because Gov. Schwarzenegger threw a few antismog bones to the clean-air folks does not mean he’s not bent on polluting for profit — his own profit.

Byrned Again (Jul. 20, 2005)
Recent headlines on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's financial interest in vetoing California legislation regulating performance-enhancing dietary supplements were mostly old news.

Pumping $$ (Jun. 22, 2005)
Schwarzenegger's Las Vegas connection poses a conflict of interest.

Blind Trust(May 3, 2005)
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s blind trust is not really blind.

Pumping Poison(Nov. 17, 2004)
Schwarzenegger goes girlie man when it comes to clamping down on teenage dietary supplement abuse (in which he has a personal financial interest).

Schwarzenomics(Nov. 10, 2004)
How California’s governor brought Reagan’s disastrous economic team back from the grave.

Sawdust Arnie(Nov. 03, 2004)
National security, and how the press of two different eras — Italy under Mussolini, and California under Schwarzenegger — has maintained a characteristic obsequiousness.